Grand Cayman Guest Info

Congratulations on securing your spot! It’s time to elevate your excitement because an unforgettable RETREAT awaits you! We’ve crafted this guide to arm you with all the essential information to ensure your retreat experience is as seamless and extraordinary as possible. Rest assured, you’re in for a phenomenal time. Should you require any assistance, we’re merely a text (or call) away at 774-243-2256—eager, ready, and dedicated to assist you!

About Grand Cayman

Getting There…

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our exclusive travel arrangements! JetBlue airline offers the only direct flights in February from Boston to Grand Cayman and exclusively on Saturdays. This schedule gives us the opportunity to bring everyone closer together, facilitating a unified group experience right from the start, as guests and staff members will be arriving and departing together as a group! To elevate your comfort and ease, we proudly include roundtrip airport transfers in Grand Cayman as part of your retreat package. Revel in the seamless connection from the moment you leave to the minute you return.

To further enhance your experience, we are excited to announce that we will be arranging airport transportation for a seamless roundtrip experience between our studio in Somerset and Logan Airport. For those who wish to travel in comfort and convenience, this service will be available for an additional fee.

With an anticipated pricing range of $100-150 per person, based on previous successful offerings, we’re confident this service will add significant value to your trip. Once we gauge interest, we will confirm the pricing. Please reach out to us to secure your spot on this exclusive transport opportunity.

**ATTENTION:** This villa maintains a strict no-smoking policy, both inside and outside while on the grounds. Any violation of this rule will incur a fine of up to $500. We kindly urge you to make arrangements accordingly to prevent any penalties.

Please be sure to utilize the checklist we’ve crafted for you—it’s designed to ensure you make your preparation as simple and seamless as possible.

  • Share with us your Personal info & Preferences
  • Sign Liability Waiver & Photography Release
  • Book a Flight
  • Schedule Airport Transfers
  • Add-On Food or Services
  • Pack Up & Head Out!

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